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Freedom Financial Services


Welcome to Freedom Financial Services! At Freedom Financial Services, our mission is to set the highest standard in the mortgage industry. We are committed to quality customer service and consider the needs of our customers a priority. With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in residential and commercial refinancing, purchases, hard-money loans and have mastered modifications.


  • Freedom Financial Services recognizes the values, efforts, and struggles of the homeowners.
    A home is not only a residence, but also an illustration of the homeowner's lifestyle and hard-work. At Freedom Financial Services, our main goal is to provide excellent customer service and help make the process of refinancing or purchasing a home as smooth as possible. We desire to exceed the expectations of our customers by guiding them through the lending process and earning a life-time friendship, not just a business relationship. The greatest form of appreciation a client can give us as gratitude for our work, is in the form of referrals or a returning client.
  • Mortgage Industry
    Like every client, every scenario in the mortgage industry is different. We are here to explore all possible options regarding our client's specific mortgage and situation, therefore, custom fitting available programs to meet our client's needs.
  • Types of Services
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      • Refinance
      • Short Sales
      • Hard-Money Loans
      • Purchase/Selling Homes
      • Modifications
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  • Property Types
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      • Residential properties
      • Commercial properties



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  • Types of Programs
  • Refinances: HARP, FHA Short Refinance, traditional programs
  • Short Sales: HAFA and in-house programs (all in-house programs vary based on servicer)
  • Purchases: FHA loans, Conventional loans, Hard-Money loans
  • Modifications: HAMP T1/T2, 2MP, FHA HAMP, FHA 2LP (2MP), VA HAMP, DOJ, and in-house programs (all in-house programs vary based on servicer)
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